CAMPHOR ESSENTIAL OIL- Benefits And Applcations

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For about 15 years of my adult life I suffered from chronic, sometimes debilitating, migraine headaches. Month after month, year after year, I went to one specialist then another who all had their own theories about the cause. They ordered every test available trying to determine the cause. At that time I knew absolutely nothing about the medicinal qualities of foods, herbs, spices and natural essential oils such as camphor or camphorated oil.

MY FIRST ENCOUNTER Camphor OilCamphor Leaves

After I learned about homeopathic practices and reflected back over those years, I remembered a migraine episode where oil was used to help me. We moved to a new apartment and the last boxes had just been brought in and the movers left. My head was throbbing with pain and I sat on the sofa, held my head in my hands and wept like a baby. Of course that made my head pound even more but I couldn’t help it.
The doorbell rang and it was my new landlord. He said he was checking to see if everything was alright with the apartment and if there was anything he could do to help us settle in. I couldn’t move, I tried to stop crying and said, “the door is open, come in”. The landlord was a kind older gentleman who immediately knew I wasn’t feeling well and asked what was wrong. I just lost it and started bawling again and managed to let him know I was suffering from a migraine and had taken my last medication hours before.
The landlord could have said I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, I’ll come back some other time. Instead he showed compassion and said he would get his wife, and was sure she could help me.
In a very short time the landlord returned with his wife who was just as kind and compassionate as he was. She was carrying a small bottle of oil in one hand and a box of tissue in the other hand. She handed me some tissue then sat beside me and said, “don’t worry I have something that will help you”. This is camphor oil honey she said, I will rub some on your temples and you’ll feel better, you will see. You just relax and lay back.

IT WAS LIKE A MIRACLE Oil Massage For Headache

Miss Olivia, I learned her name later, proceeded to gently rub the camphorated oil on my temples. In very gentle, smooth and relaxing strokes she messaged my forehead and temples. At some point I fell asleep and woke up almost two hours later when I heard a car horn outside. I won’t bore you with more of this story. The only purpose of mentioning it is to attest to my own personal experience with the medicinal value and healing power of the natural Camphor essential oil.



I’m sure many of you might remember the song, “John Brown’s Baby”. Many young people sang that song in groups, especially the scouts, like a game or fun thing to do. We sang “John Brown’s baby had a cold upon his chest. John Brown’s baby had a cold upon his chest. John Brown’s baby had a cold upon his chest. And they rubbed it with camphorated oil.
Sick Baby
That was not the original song but the history of the song is not the purpose here. Have a listen for yourself at:

Camphor Oil For cold and Flu

We just sang the song about John Brown’s baby having a cold upon his chest and they rubbed it with camphorated oil. So we will talk a little more about it from that perspective.

Back massage

Colds and flu typically create chest and head congestion, fever, and aches and pains throughout the body. I already talked about how the gentle massaging of the oil on my forehead and temples alleviated my headache and helped me to rest. But camphor is also used most effectively for other areas of the body in distress.
DECONGESTANT – The penetrating and powerful aroma of this healing oil is a very effective decongestant. Several drops of the camphor oil rubbed on the chest, the back, neck and shoulders will instantly reduce blockages in the lungs and nasal passages.
Just as a brief mention, a couple of my family members, including myself, suffer with asthma. Rubbing camphor oil on the chest, shoulders and back together with inhaling it from a vaporizer is a one two knockout punch for asthma relief.

A Great Remedy For Earaches

My youngest brother suffered with earaches periodically when we were growing up. My grandmother had a bottle of homemade remedy that she used for different things. After my personal healing experience with camphor oil as an adult I became curious about the home remedy my grandmother had in her bottle. I learned from my auntie that is was a homemade camphor mix made from the big camphor tree in my grandparents’ yard.

Applying eardrops

For an earache in the early years gram ma would mix 1 part camphor from her bottle and 1 part warm olive oil. Then she soaked a cotton ball in the mixture and placed it gently in the ear. My brother had to tilt his head to one side and hold a clean cloth over his ear so the cotton wouldn’t fall out. I always thought gram ma wouldn’t push the cotton ball in the ear tight because it would hurt my brother’s ear. But I’m told the real reason was the cotton ball could leave fibers in the ear and further complicate an infection. In later years I remember her eliminating the cotton balls and using a dropper to put a drop or two of the camphor oil mixture in the ear with the head tilted to one side for the oil to slowly drain into the ear. A few times I noticed she would rub a litte oil around the outside of the ear for more relief.

Help for Arthritis Sufferers

My favorite aunt Pearl, whom I was named after, suffered from arthritis in her older years. She used the camphor rub and the camphor oil on her aching joints for temporary relief of the pain. Auntie never wanted to be without the ointment. There was one store that sold it in our small town so everyone in our immediate family knew to call her if you were going there.

Camphor Ointment


From that initial experience with my migraine I have found many additional benefits and uses for camphor and other essential oils. There is so much information on the web already about the chemical breakdown, origins and technical information on camphor; this writing is only to share what I have witnessed and experienced firsthand with this powerful remedy.

Warning – Addiction Possibilities

Camphor oil is known to have certain narcotic effects since the nerves are temporarily desensitized and the brain is relaxed. Due to the desensitizing and how it impacts the brain function, a user could easily lose control of their limbs if taken in excess. So let this word to the wise be sufficient.
The smell of camphor oil is also somewhat addictive. People have been seen to develop strong addictions to smelling camphor oil or consuming it, so be careful!
Until next time, I wish you good health!


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