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Hello everybody and a big warm welcome from Blue Purple and Scarlet!

As long as I can remember, since about the age of 15, I have been fascinated with things from the Bible days.  There are numerous references, approximately 200, to essential oils and other aromatics in both the Old and New Testament.  Most people remember reading about oils like spikenard, frankincense, myrrh and cinnamon, just to name a few.

Then there were the garments and jewels worn by the upper class.  They were so lavish and luxurious  and magnificently designed.  There is nothing to compare to that today, not even high end shops or designers.  I marveled at their beauty but frankly I wondered how heavy they must have been.

In my lifetime I have sewn some clothing for myself and still dabble a little.  Just for my own satisfaction I contemplated making something lavish for a very special event.  It was so disappointing because I couldn’t find the materials and jewels needed for the design.   I made a nice gown but it was anywhere near what my vision was.

It wasn’t until I was a wife and mother that I became interest in a much more holistic way of life.  My mind started to reflect back on the essential oils I read about in the bible like frankincense and myrrh, and spikenard and hyssop.  So I bought all the books and anything that said it was all natural.  Organic was not so readily available yet except your own little home garden. It’s so much better now though.

There was a lull in this part of my life after the children grew up and I lost my husband.   But I have a newly found passion for essential oils and holistic living.  It is an area of my life that gives me great satisfaction and enjoyment.  I still have an affinity for rich and lavish gifts and apparel.  We are searching for gifts that “those who have everything” would want.

I have been satisfied with sharing my information and life style with family and friends.  After a lot of nudging and encouragement, and with a lot of help this website was built to broaden my circle of contacts.

I know in my spirit there must be others like myself  who might have some interest in a feeling of connecting with things from the days of old and living a holistic life style.

Not only do I enjoy using the calming and aromatic essential oils, but I like finding unusual, rich and pretty accessories.

I have always wanted to be different, dress different, and be a little mysterious. I just love giving unusual, organic and natural gifts to see faces light up. I like giving precious oils with accessories  and natural soaps, so you will find a lot of information about them here. I look along the unbeaten path for useful things, pretty things and things just to have for it’s value or conversation.  Whatever is appropriate for the gift recipient.

I have discovered quiet a list of ancient items such as head-dresses, alabaster vessels, jewels and ornaments, the Ark of the Covenant, Alter of Incense, ancient lamps, ancient spoons, musical instruments, Egyptian Sphinx, mirrors, baskets, Egyptian bottles, paintings, and sandals to name a few.

I like to believe there are many more people like myself who struggle to find the right gifts for special people and occasions.  This happens year after year, for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, baby showers, retirement, awards, etc.  So I invite you to join us here to have someplace to go to look for unique and awesome gifts that will wow your family and friends again and again.

Arc of the Covenant

I know I have to be active doing something and they always say do what you are passionate about. This website was born out of my love and excitement  for the beauty, the colorful, the richness and grandeur of the Bible days and more.

My hope is that you will enjoy discovering great little gift items and ideas in this little setting  as much as I have enjoyed gathering them here.  Please also take some time to review my articles about essential oils and accessories as holistic alternatives.

Sometimes you might have an idea about something you don’t see.  Please feel free to leave a message for me and I will be glad to do the research and respond.

Welcome again to Blue Purple and Scarlet!

Wishing you joy and good health.

Vanna Pearl