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Alabaster Sculpture Moss Green Natural Stone Sculpture – Original One-of-a-kind Handmade Art. This beautiful sculpture above was hand carved with just a chisel and a file, then sanded and treated. This is an awesome award-winning one of a kind sculpture carved from natural moss green alabaster from Utah, USA. The base of course is not alabaster but made of brushed aluminum.

The more I research all things’ alabaster the more I like it. My first interest was the alabaster box from the Bible story where a woman named Mary and an unnamed woman both went on different days to anoint Jesus. Without repeating the story in this article, the point is they both went to Him with expensive oils in an alabaster box. My interest grew from the alabaster box to vases, candle holders, bowls, soap dishes, carvings of people and animals, and abstract statutes among many other pieces.

To the sculptors ALABASTER has a uniqueness about
it compared to other stones used for carving. They say it’s softer and easier to carve. When completed and polished the colorful alabaster carvings and
sculptures are a look of luxury and magnificence. The final stage of alabaster production is polishing, critical for achieving the characteristic luminescence associated with alabaster objects. Traditionally, polishing was a multi-step process carried out by hand by women called lucidatrici. Today, polishing is mostly carried out with the help of machines.

The result is awesome pieces of art such as the Navajo statue below.

Carving and creating sculptures like this from stone is
demanding, laborious and challenging to say the least. You have to love it. Even though the stone is very hard, you cannot rush the chiseling, carving and shaping. Then as you chip away, the beauty of the alabaster stone begins to reveal itself and the mysterious patterns that you didn’t know for sure were there until you chiseled. Therefore, the finished art might be dramatically different from what it started out to be. Let’s consider the sculpture below. Just look at the intricacies in the face, the drape and flow of the clothing, all the perfectly measured and spaced lines around the neckline, and the delicate shaping of the top of the headdress to look like a beak/mouth with eyes and maybe even a tongue if you choose to see that. I call this bust simply exquisite because it is a beautiful sculpture. I tend to be drawn to the colorful alabaster stones first but this white translucent alabaster with a hint of pink was used very effectively to create an outstanding prize winning one of a kind bust. The final stage of alabaster production is polishing, critical for achieving the characteristic luminescence associated with alabaster objects. Traditionally, polishing was a multi-step process carried out by hand by women called lucidatrici. Today, polishing is mostly carried out with the help of machines.

Alabaster Stone Quarries and Big Finds

I’m not trying to be an expert but my limited research and curiosity has also taken me to information about the alabaster stone quarries in different parts of the world. I have learned about the different natural colors and types of alabaster stone and how it is harvested. I decided to show a few pictures of quarries to explain that I am in awe of the beauty of the rainbow and layers of colors in the walls of the quarries themselves.

Boulder alabaster is the type used most in sculptures. That includes natural colors of orange, chestnut, white, grays, moss green, beige, yellows, reds, white translucent and variegated alabaster stones. The beautiful colors are formed by impurities as layer upon layer settle and become hardened.

This beautiful alabaster stone can be found in the United States in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Florida. It is also found and mined in Pakistan, Iran and Tuscany, Italy. Utah and Colorado appears to be the supplier of a lot of the alabaster that is brought into the Pacific Northwest United States.

But most of the Alabaster in the world comes from Aragon in Northeastern Spain. The quarries are larger there with different varieties of stones. The stone is sought after due it’s reputation of being real pure. Companies and sculptors can buy supplies in different types and colors. Not only can they supply different types and colors of Alabaster stone, they will supply it in large dimensions to accommodate whatever the project might be. I knew that alabaster is used for carving but did not know until now that alabaster is used for even larger architectural and construction projects like luxury hotels and spas. I didn’t know and would never have imagined that alabaster can even be used like glass in windows and doors because it is translucent. It’s also used, very effectively I might say, for walls and floors as shown in the picture below. I’ll be looking to find alabaster doors, windows, walls and floors in certain types of buildings now that I am aware.

Alabaster walls & floor. Alabaster doors

But let me get back to Alabaster Sculptures which this article is about.

The colorful finds like those in the quarries above are used to create some of my favorite alabaster art. I admire the work of the famous sculptor, Brian Grossman who refers to each of his pieces as a revelation expressing passion… Brian’s sculptures in alabaster and bronze have won many rewards and may be found on exhibit all across the United States. Here is one of Grossman’s winning sculptures.

As I have said before, I am not pretending to be an expert on alabaster sculptures here. I am only sharing some of my finds and observations in the world of alabaster. I believe I’ll stop here for now but there is so much more to share. Without a doubt there will be more interesting information about everything alabaster spriinkled about in future articles.

Thank you sooooooo much for stopping by.  I sure would appreciate your thoughts and comments.  All feedback is wilcome and will be responded to.

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