Legend Of Thieves Essential Oil

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Hi everybody and welcome to Blue Purple and Scarlet again.  Just to remind you, the use of essential oils is not a fad.  The essential oils were used by the Egyptians, the Chinese, and the Greeks thousands of years ago.   At some point you have probably heard about Thieves Essential Oil.  It’s been around for thousands of years also, and I have chosen to talk about it specifically in this article.  Today I will cover it’s origin, ingredients and how and why thieves oil is used.  There is a link to a short video about the origin of the Thieves Oil further along in this article.

Legend Of The Thieves Oil

As the story goes, four thieves put together the combination for their protection.  They were spice traders in Europe during the time of the Bubonic Plague.  It was reported that four thieves went from house to house robbing those who had succumbed to the plague.  They had a lot of contact regularly with the sick people they robbed but never became ill themselves.  The thieves were captured eventually and tried for their crimes.   However, they were offered leniency from the king to tell how they avoided becoming afflicted. There has been many versions of this story down threw the years.  The physicians who treated the patients wore long black robes and masks with large beaks.   The beaks were said to have contained a concoction of herbs and spices and oils for the doctors to breathe in to keep safe.  The robes they wore were also doused with that same combination.

In recent years we find that the name “thieves” has been trademarked by a company called Young Living for their exclusive use as it relates to the essential oils.  They have made their brand “thieves” oil a Multi-Level Marketing business which of course drives up the prices.   Please don’t be deceived, thieves essential oil blend is still available but the labels are restricted.  However now, when you do a search, thieves oil appears to be synonymous with Young Living.

Other companies have the same combination/blend but cannot advertise it as thieves oil.


For example the Five Guards Synergy Essential Oil Blend shown here by Natural Riches.  It includes the same five ingredients and is based on the same tales of French thieves who survived the plague by covering themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatic oils while robbing people during the plague.  

Okay drumroll please… here is the famous recipe!  Thieves Essential Oil is a powerful combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary.  This blend has been laboratory tested and found to be strong enough to reduce bacterial cultures by 99.96%!  I can definitely live with that, how about you.

Recipe For Thieves Oil  

Clove – 40 drop
Lemon – 35 drops
Cinnamon – 20 drops
Eucalyptus – 15 drops
Rosemary – 10 drops


Physical Benefits

Clove – for immune, respiratory, and digestive support 40 drops

Lemon – colds, flu, dull skin, oily skin, spots, corns, varicose veins, warts  35 drops

Cinnamon – Constipation, exhaustion, flatulence, lice, low blood pressure, rheumatism, scabies. 20 drops

Eucalyptus – Arthritis, bronchitis, cold sores, colds, coughing, fever, flu, poor circulation, sinusitis. 15 drops

Rosemary – Aching muscles, arthritis, exhaustion, gout, hair care, muscle cramping, neuralgia, poor circulation and rheumatism, dandruff and dull skin.  10 drops

It sounds real promising so far right?  But wait there’s more!


Emotional Benefits 

Clove –  Helps with memory and concentration, fatigue, depression

Lemon – Aids with fear, promotes happiness and peace, better memory and concentration

Cinnamon – Promotes better concentration, helps relieve emotional and mental fatigue

Eucalyptus – Increases concentration and memory

Rosemary – Used to help relieve fatigue exhaustion and burnout, boost confidence, memory and concentration

Several Ways To Use Thieves Oil  

Okay I hear you.  Now that you have all this information what do you do with it.  For those who are old enough to remember the song, “Now that we have love what are we gonna do with it”. Yeah you know it, I see you smiling!  There are several reasons and ways to use the thieves oil blend.

Remember this is a powerful essential oil blend which is to be used with care. It is not just something to refresh the air or disinfect your countertop.  There are other blends available that do well against bacteria but Thieves Oil blend has been tested and tried and true since it’s origin in the 1500s. It has the longest history and reputation for killing bacteria and warding off sickness and disease.

Cold-air diffusion is recommended by the manufacturer for the greatest effectiveness.

  •  Apply to upper chest and throat with V-6 Massage Oil for chest tightness.
  •  Mix with a tablespoon of water, gargle and swallow for a sore throat.
  •  Breathe in the vapors when you have lung congestion.
  •  Apply a drop or two to gums and teeth for pain relief from toothaches.
  •  Put a couple drops regularly directly on the soles of your feet to protect you  from colds and flu.
  •  Put a drop on your thumb and apply to the roof of your mouth for a  headache.
  •  Add 1 drop to orange juice and drink to reduce phlegm and congestion.
  •  Mix 1-2 drops with honey or Blue Agave in a teaspoon for cough relief.
  •  Diffuse in your home to keep down germs and bacteria.
  •  Apply 1-3 drops around cuts or open wounds to prevent infection and promote healing.WATCH      VIDEO OF THE LEGEND OF 4 THIEVES OIL


Additional Notes On Thieves Oil

The bottom of the feet has thicker pores and the skin is less sensitive there.  It is one of the best, if not the best place on the body to apply essential oils.  Why is that you say?  Well reflexologists believe that applying essential oils to the bottom of the feet allows the oil to be absorbed faster and reach the bloodstream quickly.  They also explain that our bodies are covered with an oily substance called sebum.  Sebum helps waterproof as well as lubricate the skin.  However, our hands and feet do not have the protection of sebum and the oils are absorbed freely.   The Thieves Oil is very potent or “hot” and should be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive oil before applying directly to the body.

Reflexology is  practiced with the belief that every nerve line in the body ends in our feet.  They believe that areas on the feet correspond to the body’s systems and organs.

The left side of the body, with all it’s organs and valves, corresponds to the left foot, and the right side of the body to the right foot.  For example, since the liver is on the right side of the body, the reflex point would be the right foot.  I apply to both feet to treat the whole body, it can’t hurt.  Plus I get a kick out of tickling certain people on the bottom of their feet.  It gets everybody laughing and adds a little fun to the treatment.  (Please be discerning when it comes to tickling someone).


Final Thoughts

Kudos and gratitude to the 15th century thieves for discovering the healing essential oil blend called Thieves Oil.  I place the credit where it really began in spite of the word “thieves” now being trademarked.  The blend is antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infectious. It has become a favorite in my family.   I personally like to use a few drops to give a holiday fragrance to my home during the winter months.  I’m a softy for things that look and smell pretty.

Well that’s the end of my report for today.  I hope you find something in the article that will be helpful to you and your family.  It offers all of the wonderful benefits listed above in this article. Please don’t hesitate to share the information with others you care about.



Until next time I wish you joy and good health!





6 thoughts on “Legend Of Thieves Essential Oil”

  1. How wonderful that you wrote this article about something I have been curious about for some time. I have friends who swear by thieve’s oil, and am so pleased to learn more about it. I think it is extra-special that you included a recipe. Thank you!

    Keep up the good work, and keep me posted on new information on your site.

    1. Hello Fran,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. I’m glad the thieves oil information is helpful to you. I included the issue about the name being trademarked now by one company after all of these years because I don’t like how that was able to happen. Nevertheless, other companies who sold the blend for many years still provide the blend already mixed but under a different name as I showed in the article. I will be adding my blog post to my new twitter account if you wish to follow. @BluePurpleAndS1

      All the best,
      Vanna Pearl

  2. Nice post!

    I know a little bit about essential oils but this is the first I have heard about thieves oil. I enjoyed the backstory of about it and I think I might try this out, especially with the weather cooling down and being sick all too often during these times.

    1. Hello Brandon,
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments.
      I’m happy for you that you are familiar with and using essential oils. They can definitely make a difference in your overall health and well being if you use them in your home regularly. The thieves oil is the best, and if you can’t find the blend you can always mix the five ingredients using the measurements I provided. Thanks again.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!

      Vanna Pearl

  3. This was an interesting story! Sorry if I missed the part where you said this, but has it been determined whether that account is just myth or based on fact? It’s still a cool topic either way and I will give these a look. Thanks!

    1. Hello Benji,
      Thank you for your comments and question. I have not been able to determine so far if the legend in based on fact. I am definitely curious as you are to know. I always just find the same story when I search for the truth. But I will keep trying and be sure to let you know if I find anything. All the best to you.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

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