Unique Gifts For People Who Have Everything

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Hey everybody!  I know it’s still a little too soon for some, but it’s never too early to plan and start shopping for the holidays.   By shopping all year my sister and I don’t get stressed at the final hour.  We shop ahead of time for birthdays and special events the same as we do for Christmas.   Many people frown upon it, but I say give it a try, you might like the experience.

Start in January? Yikes!  Yes we take advantage of the after Christmas sales the end of December and beginning of January.   Try keeping your eyes and ears open for information and sales.  That would be for everyone on your list but more especially the “those who have everything” group.  That way you can discover and buy all year and  avoid another anxiety attack a week before Christmas.  I included a short video and a few tips later in this article to help with the overall process. You will also see a few distinctive gifts displayed for “those who have everything”.

The organizational guru.

Try getting organized and give yourself plenty of time to make that special find.   I watched a show with my niece about organizing and maximizing closet space.  She loves to have everything on schedule, organized and in it’s place.  I applaud her, I say it’s great if you can do it.

The producers showed a small closet with shelves that held nothing but gifts neatly wrapped and categorized.  The Christmas gift list was displayed on the inside closet door. The lady checked off her last gift on the list and it was only the beginning of October. 

There was even a large selection of gift wraps, bows and ribbons.   They were arranged, as neat as you please, in a cart on wheels and stored in the same  closet.   The moderator explained that the display of gifts were not just for Christmas.   They were gifts for different occasions all year and Christmas.


Why So Much Gift Giving?

First of all what’s it all about, all of this back and forth gift giving at home, in the office, to neighbors, in church, the mailman, the gardener, the pool man, the doctor, the lawyer, the teacher, the pastor, and any and everyone who provide service to us. You get a gift, you get a gift, and you get a gift, and everyone gets a gift. (I hope you’re smiling)

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We all realize when we give to someone else, they experience some form of happiness and pleasure. The other side of the coin is that the giver receives a sense of satisfaction and joy as well. It’s all about love and caring for another person not just the size or cost of the gift. So let’s keep that in the equation.

Remember, hard to please or not, recipients don’t really care if you paid nothing or thousands of dollars for their gift as long as they like it and it’s useful to them. So pay attention to what they say and do and what they like and dislike.  Notice where they like to go for entertainment and dining, and what their hobbies are throughout the year. Just in case you are forgetful like I am, make a list and keep notes.

What About Those Who Say They Don’t Want Anything

The senior members of our families tend to not want to be a bother to anyone.  Maybe they don’t want to feel obligated to give a gift in return.  That has happened in my family for sure.  Even my husband used to say, “don’t worry about me, just take care of the children”. I understood it to mean he was concerned about the budget, or didn’t want to make added work for me. One might not feel good about themselves subconsciously sometime, low self esteem, etc. That is the person I will be sure to observe and listen to very carefully. I love to see the good feeling they get and the smile on their face when they open the gift I gave them. That is the joy of giving to me.

Please watch this short video for a few good suggestions:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqJSR4EvqD0


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A Few Ideas To Help

Solution #1

This long list of people might be okay but I think we expect too much from ourselves.  I believe my homemade preserves, homemade pound cake, or homemade fruitcakes made in September and aged til Christmas.   Fresh baked goods are more valuable and satisfying than any store bought gift.  Many people on my list look forward to them during the holidays including the so called “hard to please”.  Don’t give a rich fruitcake to someone who doesn’t like fruitcake.  Find out if they prefer pound cake, cookies or brownies, or homemade fudge.


Solution #2

Encourage everyone on your list to register with Amazon Wish List.  It’s an excellent tool and hopefully you’ll find something on their list that’s within your budget.  They would just go to Amazon.com, search for  amazon wish lists and registries.  Then follow instructions on the landing page to register your personal wish list. Here is a brief video to learn how.   https://binged.it/2xt1vgU

Solution #3

Give yourself time.  I watch the sales beginning in January and throughout the year.  Right after the holidays is a great time to find great gift items at a discount.  This applies to all occasions, not just Christmas.  When you see a good buy, think of who might like it and put it in your gift closet until there is a good time to give it to them.

Solution #4

Remember, the perfect gift is the gift the recipient asked for.  How easy would that be?  I know we’d like everyone to be surprised and love the gift we have chosen, but what if they don’t like it.  So observe, listen and ask questions.  If someone tell you they want socks, give them socks carefully and beautifully wrapped.  Presentation makes a big difference in how any gift is received.

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A few final thoughts

1)  Through the years I have learned to give from my heart without any expectation of a return.

2)  Pay attention, if you care, to see what a person wants.

3)  The intention behind your giving is as important as the gift.   The intention should always be to  create happiness for both the giver and the receiver

4)  Give charitable donations and gift cards only when you know that will make the receiver happy, not for your own convenience.

5)  Pay no attention

One of the basic laws of life is that when you are generous, kind and encouraging toward others, it will return to you many times over.

In conclusion, try shopping throughout the year.  Observe and take notes.  Include homemade gifts as an option.  Give from the heart with no expectations in return.

Thank you for reading this post.   Please like us, connect on twitter and share with others.  I always welcome and appreciate your comments and questions.


Vanna Pearl


Until next time I wish you joy and good health!


18 thoughts on “Unique Gifts For People Who Have Everything”

  1. Hello Vanna,

    It sounds like we are on the same wavelength! I also use an Amazon wish lists, plan ahead and get presents early when I see just the right thing and like to give homemade items.

    I usually don’t get started early enough but I love giving homemade treats like jam and want to try making homemade vanilla extract (needs time for the vanilla beans to soak). I admire you planning ahead and making fruitcake to give away! That sounds lovely.

    I love Amazon wish lists and plan to use them more. Last Christmas most everything I received didn’t fit! I want to make sure our family can find my husband’s wish list so he can get things he wants too.

    I also buy presents ahead of time when I see the right thing. It makes the holidays so much easier!!

    Thank you for putting all these ideas in one place. With the stress of finding something sometimes we overcomplicate the process and it doesn’t need to be so hard.


    1. Hey Jessica,
      It’s a pleasure to hear from you this evening. Isn’t it just wonderful shopping early? You get to really enjoy the holiday season with that park of it behind you. I admire what you are doing with the jams. I love to do fig preserves but this year I didn’t get enough figs. I would lover to wave my imaginary magic wand and help everyone enjoy the holidays like we do.

      Don’t forget to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

      1. Hi Vanna,

        I always made the jam when I lived in the woods in Alaska but it seems harder in the city. It should actually be easier since I don’t have to depend on the fruit that is available and could go buy some! That seems to take some of the fun out of it though! When each year’s batch is different due to what I could find in the wild or grow, that added a unique quality. Some years I would make strawberry raspberry, sometimes red and black current, sometimes strawberry rhubarb. I even made mint, crabapple and mint apple!

        My husband is used to waiting to get presents and he now sees how much stress it saves when I collect things throughout the year. He really liked it when I made jam and got inspired and wanted to start making things early as well. I should remind him of our plan to make something early for Christmas this year!

        1. Jessica it’s so wonderful to hear from you. I feel like I’m communicating with an old friend. We have so much in common with canning, etc. Things do change though. My brothers and I picked up pecans along the roadside when we were children. They were so plentiful in open fields and other people’s yards who did not care. Pecans were always plentiful and we chose them before walnuts every time. Now we pay a small fortune for them.

          My oldest brother was sending me candied fruits and fresh pecans until two years ago. That was his contribution to the fruitcakes to be sure he was at the top of my list. My oldest daughter has a standing request for her special apple candy pie for her birthday which is Christmas day. So I give her two of those for her birthday and something different for Christmas.

          Okay Jessica until next time happy canning and I wish you joy and good health.
          Vanna Pearl

  2. It’s almost like every gift you listed is something I would want. I am a chronic “I don’t want any gifts person” yet I love chess and historical novelties. What an awesome site, I am definitely going to explore some more!

    1. Thanks for your comments Dave. I’m glad you found the information useful. I am encouraged that you
      like the gifts so far, I will be adding more similar gifts in the days and weeks to come. So please
      check back. Thanks again.

      Don’t forget to encourage someone today,
      Vanna Pearl

  3. Wow – thanks for this! With the holidays not far off I can definitely use this information as I start to get organized! Hoping this year I wont be the Christmas Eve shopper again. Great read!

    1. Thanks for your comments Montana. I’m glad the information was useful to you.
      Happy shopping!

      Don’t forget to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

    1. Hey Michelle,

      Thanks for your comments. I sure hope it will be helpful to you.
      I enjoy baking, so that is always a go to for me when I have not found
      a gift for someone. Aside from that and a wish list I firmly believe the
      key is to start shopping early in the year. All the best!

      Please remember to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl
      early in the year

    1. Thank you Jamaar, I appreciate your comments.

      I hope you will be able to utilize some of the tips and information
      in your personal challenges this holiday season and in the future.
      All the best to you.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!
      V. Pearl

  4. Hi Vanna, thank you for some great information and tips.

    Your article has certainly given me lots of ideas even for the people who have everything and don’t want anything.

    My biggest challenge is I leave my Christmas shopping till the last minute and then run around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done. I always get it done however I am going to take leaf out of your book and try to get better organised from now on.

    Love your site… keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Moni, I appreciate your comments.
      I hope the information and tips will be helpful to you going forward.
      I know about the jumping around like a headless chicken situation all too well.
      It takes too much of the joy out of the reason for the gift.
      Thank you again.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!

      Vanna Pearl

  5. I love using amazon wish lists. Honestly it makes like so much easier. And I know I am one of those who is difficult to buy for. I usually send out a note to friends to have them send me links to their Amazon’s wish lists around October so it gives them time to think about what they want/need!

    1. Hi Christina,
      Thank you for your comments. I am so glad my family discovered the Amazon wish lists.
      Isn’t it the greatest idea. I hope you get the things on your list this year and beyond.
      I wish you all the success.

      Please remember to encourage someone today!
      Vanna Pearl

  6. Wow. What wonderful ideas for gifts. It surely is getting close to the ultimate gift giving season.
    Thank you for the ideas.
    Great job and I surely will remember to encourage someone today.
    Thank you and God bless.

    1. Hello Lee,
      Thank you for your comments on the gift buying tips. I hope it helps you this season.
      I enjoy baking so that works for me in many cases. I’m getting started with my fruitcakes
      this month and they will age until Christmas. Now I also depend on the Amazon Wish List and
      encourage family and friends to start one as well.

      I receive the blessings and God bless you also Lee. Thank you for encouraging someone.

      Vanna Pearl

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