Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser – “Love In A Mist” – Vanna Pearl’s Review

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The Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser – “Love In A Mist” Product Review

My daughter and I are just crazy about our “Love In A Mist” Diffuser.  Last year my job was very stressful, I wasn’t sleeping well at night, my muscles were tight, and my stomach was in knots all the time.  I tossed and turned at night and in the mornings my body still felt very tired and tense as if I had not rested at all.

I took my friends advice and started using the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser she had given me as a gift.    It has a large capacity reservoir that facilitates up to 10 hours of mist.  It had settings for shorter periods of time but I would fill it to capacity with water, add  about 2 drops of chamomile and 2 drops of marjoram, or whatever combination I decided on and let it run all night in my bedroom.  

Then when I got up in the mornings I felt so relaxed, rejuvenated  and anxious to start my day whatever it was to be.  My home will never again be without one or more diffusers.

I’ve been procrastinating about which diffuser to buy for my home office.  The procrastination ended when I saw the “Love In A Mist” beauty by Smiley Daisy.  I purchased both colors, the blue and the red, and plan to buy more for Christmas gifts.

Why should anyone buy this diffuser?

Smiley Daisy the company   is a recognized and trusted name in the world of essential oils. That would be the first reason to consider.  They have excellent rated customer service and top of the line products including the best 100% natural essential oils, and an outstanding line of diffusers.
The company owners interact and stay involved with their customers. When you search you’ll find comment after comment about how happy customers are with the customer service, as well as the top quality products.

The “Love In A Mist” diffuser is very pleasing to look at. It was the visual that attracted me to it.  The design is colorful and unique and very needed in the world of essential oil diffusers.  It’s available in two colors, a handsome blue and a pretty red which should satisfy gender preference in my opinion.

Together with the elegant look of the porcelain housing, the designers added calming, color changing soft LED lights which adds to the romance.  The company advertises it as being engineered for romance.  I must say, to a quiet romantic person like myself, they succeeded.  The soft lights may be turned off if  you choose not to use them at any time. 

The “Love In A Mist” uses ultrasonic water diffusing to support your enjoyment of aromatherapy. The ultrasonic is the best most efficient overall diffuser because the integrity of the essential oil is maintained and used more slowly.  One could relax, enjoy the changing soft light show, and inhale the soothing relaxing mist. The only thing to add to that would be a massage if you’re so lucky. You may choose to run the diffuser on continuous mist or intermittent mist (30 sec on/30 sec off).

There is medicinal value to using the “Love In A Mist” diffuser.  It is not only useful for calming and relaxation.  This ultrasonic diffuser,  when used with certain essential oils in the proper  strengths, helps to avoid having a lot of colds, flu and allergies.  It also helps you feel better if you’re already afflicted.

You’ll appreciate the diffuser’s automatic shut-off feature. No need to concern yourself, use 2-3 drops of a calming oil like chamomile or lavender, or a combination, and float off into peaceful rest.  The diffuser will shut off automatically if it runs out of water while you are asleep.  You don’t have to worry about the diffuser drying out and burning.

This little beauty is very lightweight (approximately 1 lb.) yet it’s very durable.  It can be plugged into an AC 100-240V outlet with a generous 67″ cord.  You’ll appreciate that this diffuser can be used in small spaces and little cubbys where larger units would not fit.

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Product General Information

What is the Brand/Company – First of all this little beauty is designed by Smiley Daisy who is the leading essential oil diffuser company.  They are well known and respected for their quality products, their excellent customer service and quick turn-a-round time.

Is this a new style – The “Love In A Mist” diffuser and it’s beautiful colors and bell shape is still new and was designed with thoughts of romance.  It’s made with an elegant porcelain outer wall in two colors.  The “Love In A Mist” is perfect for both male and female and comes in a handsome blue and another in beautiful  red.

How much water does it hold – This lovely diffuser holds 100ml and covers a space up to 200 square feet.  That’s a pretty good amount of space and about average for any diffuser.  It uses 20 ml/hour in continuous mist mode.  Fill the reservoir with water and add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil, turn the unit on, and in a short time you’ll be enjoying  a much better atmosphere.

How Long Is The Run Time On A full Tank  – When your diffuser is set for continuous mist it will last 6-8 hours.  When set for interval mode it will last 9-12 hours.  You never have to worry because it shuts off automatically when the water reservoir becomes empty.

What is ultrasonic and why is it important –  An ultrasonic diffuser uses electric frequency to create vibrations. These vibrations are directed to where the oils float, then the oil is evaporated so it is diffused into the area without heat.  The ultrasonic diffuser is the best choice because it does not use heat.   Heat can break down the oils and change the quality of the oil’s and there benefits.  The process also produces negative ions that can help calm the body and surrounding environment. Negative ions just might be the most important feature of all.

Negative Ions help freshen and purify the air.  It causes allergens such as mold spores, dust and animal dander floating in the air (which have either a neutral or a positive charge) to be attracted to and then stick together with each  other. Otherwise they would stay in suspension where they can be breathed in and cause allergic reactions.  That forms ‘clumps’ (because opposite charges attract). These clumps of particles then become heavy enough so they can be pulled down to the floor by gravity.   That way they get vacuumed up rather than remain in suspension to get breathed in and cause allergic reactions.

What Are The Dimensions – It is relatively small and so cute but really packs a wallop with the mist. The full size is 3.78 inches x 5.79 inches and it weighs only about 1 pound.  It can be placed with ease in any little cubby or small spot.

Does the Smiley Daisy Have Good Control Features  The Smiley Daisy “Love In A Mist” has an automatic shut off switch if the diffuser happen to run out of water.  So you’ll never have to worry about anything happening while you sleep.  There is a separate button to control the mist and another to control the soft light feature.  It can run on continuous mist or be set to intermittent mist (30 sec on/30 sec off).

How much oil
do I need to use?  The amount of oil is usually 2-4 drops depending on the amount of water in the reservoir.  So 2-4 drops of a calming 100% pure essential oil like valerian, or chamomile for relaxation.  These three, among others, have been researched and tested and proven for their ability to aid sleep. You might also choose to combine 1-2 drops of one with equal amounts of another to try different combinations. See bottom of page for more information.

So as not to get away from the review of the diffuser, I’ll do future posts on specific oils and combinations for things like colds and flu, energy and alertness, etc. 

THE COMPANY: Smiley Daisy
MATERIAL: Aluminum alloy + porcelain + PP ( polypropylene)
MIST CAPACITY: Uses 20 ml/hour in continuous mist mode
APPEARANCE: Porcelain Housing – Elegant and Colorful Home Décor
DIMENSIONS: 3.78 inches x 5.79 inches – power code approx. 67 inches
POWER SOURCE: Input/output AC 100 – 240V 50/60Hz/ DC 24V 650MA
PRICE: $40.79 (Sale) $89.99 (Reg Price)
BEST PLACE TO BUY: Smiley Daisy Direct.
EASE OF CLEANING: Easy to clean – See instructions below
WHAT’S INCLUDED: Package contains Smiley Daisy essential oil diffuser, AC adapter, measuring cup, user manual and a 180-day product replacement warranty for the diffuser base.
WARRANTY: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back 180-days – Replacement for (diffuser base only)
30 Day Replacement for the Porcelain Housing

Cons – I love everything about this little romantic beauty except my one regret is there were not more mist control options.

The only option is a cycle of 30 seconds on, then 30 seconds off or to run continuously.  I’d love to be able to set the mist control for other options like  60 minutes, 120 minutes, and so on.

MY RATING:  4-1/2 Stars


After 3-4 days of use, follow the steps below to clean the diffuser:
1. Before any cleaning operation, switch the unit off and unplug it.
2. Fill the water tank with 30ml of water and one teaspoon of citric acid (sour salt).
 White vinegar or fresh lemon juice can be used as an alternative of citric acid
3. Let it soak for 5 minutes
4. Take one Q-tip and lightly scrub the ultrasonic vibration plate
5. Pour out the cleaning solution
6. Rinse with clean water
7. Wipe the oil residue around the tank with a soft cloth or paper towel
 Do not clean the product with detergent.
 Keep dry when not in use to avoid bacterial and mildew (fungus).
 Never immerse the unit in water or let water enter the air outlet.

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Relaxation blends to consider
2 drops of Marjoram EO + 2 drops of Chamomile EO,  or 2 drops of Clary Sage + 2 drops of Lavender,   or 2 drops of Frankincense EO + 2 drops of Myrrh EO

Colds and Flu blends to consider
2 drops of Orange (EO) + 2 drops of Grapefruit EO,   or 2 drops of Lavender (EO) + 2 drops of Eucalyptus EO

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
As an Anti-depressant orange essential oil is soothing to the mind and helps to relieve stress.
It is refreshing and relaxing and commonly used for the treatment of anxiety.
It provides relief from both internal and external inflammation caused by infections. It is helpful in treating swollen tissue by stimulating blood circulation.
As an anti-septic it helps to ease a sore throat if used in a gargle. It also helps to heal mouth ulcers when used in a mouth wash.




16 thoughts on “Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser – “Love In A Mist” – Vanna Pearl’s Review”

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to stop by and leave a comment on this article. I think this is a great product review.

    I have been reading and hearing a lot about these essential oil diffusers, but I never actually found a details product review like this one!

    There is so much information on the internet, and it is hard to find product reviews that do care about the reader and not just about selling the product. And for that, I had to stop by and leave my comment!

    I have never used essential oils for my home or personal use, but I think I will give this “love in a mist Vannas essential oil a try. From your experience, it sounds like it can help reduce stress. So thank you for sharing your product review!

    1. Thank you for your review and comments Vin. Whether it be the “Love In A Mist” or some other diffuser, I hope you try using the essential oils in your home. It makes a big difference. Cold and flu season is approaching and I will be posting information in the next few days about which particular oils to use for each situation. Thank you again for your comments.

      Until next time I wish you joy and good health.
      Vanna Pearl

  2. Hi Vanna,

    This is a very good review on some of the essential oils and diffuser. My wife is also into essential oils and has about 3 or 4 diffusers she puts all over the house. I would recommend anyone who wants a healthier life and a more restful sleep at night to purchase essential oils and a good diffuser. Best of everything life has to offer Vanna.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to review the post Jeff. I appreciate your comments.
      In a few days I will post information on which particular oils to use for each situation.
      Cold and flu season is approaching and the essential oils can make a big difference.

      Until nest time I wish you joy and good health.
      Vanna Pearl

  3. Hi Vanna!
    I just want to stop by and say that your website is wonderful!
    I have to say that I didn’t know so much about theses oils before. They seems fantastic! I will be back!

    I wish you all the best!

    1. Thanks for your comments Ulrika. I hope you do try the essential. As I’ve said in some of my other posts,
      I first became interested when reading about essential oils in the bible. and thousands of years later they
      are more popular than ever. The great thing is they work.

      Nice to meet you Ulrika, all the best.
      Vanna Pearl

  4. We have a similar style diffuser in our home and it is a really nice addition. For this diffuser specifically, is there any combination of oils that work best with it, or are they all equal? Thanks for the great article!

    1. Hi Benji,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. The manufacturer did not specify
      any particular oils be used. The key to keeping any diffuser functioning well
      is cleaning it regularly.
      The manual recommend 1 teaspoon of white vinegar or lemon juice with 30ml of water
      as a cleaning solution.

      I you have any further questions please don’t hesitate.

      All the best to you,
      Vanna Pearl

  5. Hi Vanna

    Excellent review on the essential oil diffuser. Its particularly difficult to decide on the best differ to purchase these days because there are so many and you have made it very easier to decide, with the in debt information you have provided. I was just wondering whether it would be safe to use the diffuser around my dad because he suffers from asthma.

    1. Evelynn thank you for your comments and questions. As a matter of fact I have asthma myself
      and it is under control. I alternate between an air purifier and an ultrasonic diffuser in
      my bedroom. It’s almost unbelievable how much that helps me.

      However, essential oils may not always be an ideal treatment for some asthma sufferers. Asthma
      attacks can be triggered by allergies, so those with allergic reactions to the scent of specific
      or all oils might have their attacks triggered by them.

      However, please use caution until you know. Following my doctors advice, one of the hallmarks
      of asthma is bronchial sensitivity and hyperactivity, where airborne irritants can trigger spasms.

      When it comes to colds and flu season I like oil of bergamot for reducing coughing and mucous,
      Eucalyptus as an anti-inflammatory.

      And peppermint – The menthol in peppermint oil is a good decongestant.

      There are many different combinations you can do personally or purchase
      the essential oil blends already mixedd in the necessary combinations for
      whatever your needs are.

      I hope this helps. I welcome any other questions and comments.

      All the best,
      Vanna Pearl

  6. Thanks for this review Vanna, it’s insightful. I use my diffuser at home all the time but I didn’t know about all those benefits of orange oil. I think I’ll go diffuse some right now! Cheers

  7. Thank you for this elaborate and detailed review. I use lots of essential oils and my oil diffuser is getting old, so this would be a wonderful alternative. Will keep this in mind!

  8. Hi and thank you for this review on the essential oil diffuser which I love.
    your review is very informative and detailed. Love the different designs.

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