Leading Ultrasonic Diffusers For Aromatherapy And Healing

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In previous posts on this blog we’ve talked about some of the essential oils, their qualities, what they are used for and how they are used. To name a few, we explored the use of camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree and other essential oils. This time I am deviating slightly from the essential oils themselves and reviewing the different types of diffusers for aromatherapy and healing.

The main four types are ultrasonic, nebulizer, evaporative and heat. There is one other type that is usually overlooked; that is the clay terracotta diffuser designed as brackets, necklaces or as discs to be hung in the closet or the car. We ladies also place them in drawers to keep a nice fresh smell.   See car diffuser below.

From those five types listed I like the ultrasonic diffuser best for various reasons. I received one recently as a birthday gift and loved it. Then I decided to research to find a nice ultrasonic diffuser as a gift for someone else.  My search was narrowed down to three devices and I’m sharing that limited information here with you.

Just to be clear, diffusers are devices or atomizers used in different forms to disperse the essential oils.  It’s just a wonderful method by which the oil qualities can be absorbed more effectively for relief and healing. It’s also a safer way to get the benefits of essential oils, especially when treating babies and small children.  Click for more information.

Essential Oil Roll On

I acknowledge the five different types of diffusers as follows but that is not my subject today:

  • Ultrasonic Uses water and makes vapor through a process that vibrates the water until it evaporates.

  • Nebulizer – Doesn’t use water or heat. Heat breaks down the composition of the oil which makes it less effective. In addition, it allows the user to get the full effect of 100% pure oil without being diluted with water.

  • Evaporative – For this style diffuser the essential oil is dropped on a pad or filter then uses a fan to blow the air to cause evaporation of the oil.
    Heat – As the name implies the heat diffuser uses heat to cause the oil to evaporate. Unfortunately, the heat is known to alter the chemical components of the essential oils leaving them less effective. But they are an alternative in a pinch.

Terracotta Clay – The terracotta clay diffusers are usually some form of porous clay disc.  However, other porous discs are used  as diffusers within decorative coverings such as this one shown below .  Just put a drop or two of the essential oil of choice on the surface and it gets absorbed into the porous disc. The oil slowly evaporates and could last a few days. For best results add a drop of oil each day.   

Now for the information on ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. The idea to write about the diffusers was born out of my own personal experience. I received a wonderful ultrasonic diffuser as a birthday gift last month and decided to go ahead and try it in case it needed to be returned. For a couple of weeks I was feeling tired and fatigue and decided to use the diffuser in my bedroom at night to help me rest better. My bedroom is about 250 sq ft and I wasn’t sure if it would be effective for the whole room. I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did; it makes such a wonderful difference in my rest and sleep.

I used eucalyptus oil the first night for relaxation and it worked. The second night I added tea tree oil as a preventive just in case I was coming down with something. For one week I continued the aromatherapy most of the night while I slept. It made an amazing difference in how I felt when I woke up each morning. By the end of the week I felt relieved of the stress and had my energy back. The number of essential oil sleep blends are off the chart but just know that they are available. If you need essential oils for sleep and relaxation or any other reason, save time and just buy the blend already prepared for you. They are categorized based on what the mixture will be used for.

I finally narrowed down my gift search to the following three Ultrasonic Diffusers. The driving features were water capacity, performance in a large space, doubles as humidifier, total running time, mist control and low water auto shut off. Then I considered lighting control and other minor features.

URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifiers

Reservoir capacity: 1000ml – Last all day

Space Coverage: 250 plus sq ft

Maximum Run Time: Up to 20 hours when filled to capacity

Choice of run time: 3 hours, 6 hours, or 9 hour settings

Intensity Control Switch: Yes

Doubles as humidifier: Yes

Light shut off switch: Yes

Low water auto shut off: Yes

Light Option: 7 color led lights

Remote Control: Yes

This unit has all the bells and whistles at a very reasonable price. This brand also markets a 500ml unit for customers who prefer a smaller diffuser. You couldn’t ask for a better reservoir capacity which is needed for large rooms and offices. Customer reviews indicate they have no problem with the size of the unit and they love the remote control. With this remote, you could easily turn on/off the light and
mist when the oil diffuser is out of your reach.

It has 3, 6, and 9 hour timers and can be used all day without refilling. Customer reviews appreciate that it is an aromatherapy diffuser, doubles as a humidifier then triples as a single night light function with or without the mist. I personally love this diffuser and will be purchasing one for the entertainment area of my house.


Hrome 500ml Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Reservoir capacity: 500ml

Maximum Run Time: 10 to 15 hours

Choice of run time: 30 min., 1 hr, 2 hrs, or 3 hrs

Intensity Control Switch: Yes

Doubles as humidifier: Yes

Noise Rating: Super Quiet

Light shut off switch: Unknown

Low water auto shut off: Yes

Remote Control: No

The Prome 500ml met the criteria for this review except for two minor things.

On the positive side it has a 500ml reservoir that allows you enjoy it’s soothing benefits for up to 10 hours. The timer may be set for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes or 180 minutes to create a calming, relaxation atmosphere. The Prome 500ml is extremely quiet and has an intensity control switch to control the amount of mist. It also has the automatic shut off switch when the water level runs low.

There were just two minor observations on the negative side for this diffuser. One, we could not determine if there is a light shut off switch for users who prefer sleeping in a dark room. And two, it does not have a remote control which would have been icing on the cake.

Even though this unit has a smaller reservoir than the URPower 1000ml, I could have easily chosen it for the gift. The only reason I dismissed this diffuser over the others was the woodgrain finish which I personally don’t care for.


Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Reservoir capacity: 350ml

Maximum Run Time: 6 to 7 hours

Choice of run time: 2 hours

Intensity Control Switch: Yes

Doubles as humidifier: Yes

Noise Rating: Very Quiet

Light shut off switch: No

Low water auto shut off: Yes

Remote Control: No

This Smiley Daisy unit fell short in my ratings for my own use, but I chose this one for the gift I wanted to buy. The aesthetics were an important gift factor, as was the size and decorative qualities of the diffuser. Knowing the recipients health issues, I assumed the unit would be used in the bedroom. This little beauty looks quiet, ellagant, and unintrusive in a bedroom setting. It is available in woodgrain but I didn’t care for that look. It doubles as a humidifier, there is a mist control button, auto shut off when water is low, and it runs very quietly. The water capacity will last about 6 hours which would almost get you through the night depending on how long you sleep. There is a button to control the mist to more or less. On the down side this diffuser does not have a choice of run time settings, only one setting for 2 hours and the water reservoir is comparatively small to my other two choices. I really liked this particular Smiley Daisy unit as a gift and will probably buy it again.

In conclusion, the Ultrasonic Essential Oil diffuser is my number one choice for an essential oil diffuser type. For right now the UPPOWER 1000ml is my top pick Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser from this limited research.

Your inquiries, comments and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated.







14 thoughts on “Leading Ultrasonic Diffusers For Aromatherapy And Healing”

  1. Using these products sounds like a very good way to unwind after a long day with some aromatherapy. I might just have to recommend these to a friend!

    1. Hi Kristian and thank you for taking the time to comment on this post.
      To unwind and relax a good choice would definitely be lavender oil.
      Medical studies have shown lavender oil helps restore the nervous system.
      Lavender oil used regularly helps with restlessness, inner peace, panic attacks,
      and nervous stomach to name just a few benefits. There are many others in the
      world of essential oils that you’ll fall in love with. Enjoy!

      All the best to you Kristian,
      Vanna Pearl

  2. Very good review of diffusers and it’s amazing how many different variations and products there are but you have explained it very clearly. I like to use a diffuser with eucalyptus oil during the winter months or when someone has a cold, it’s very effective. I will also look into some of the oils for sleep and relaxation too.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments Helen, I appreciate you taking the time.
      Eucalyptus is one of the most popular and most used essential oils for colds and flu and asthma.
      I enjoy using lavender and orange for a general nice fragrance any time of year.

      All the best to you,
      Vanna Pearl

  3. This is so informative. I use a diffuser in my office to help keep those busy days calm. The one that I use is ultrasonic. This has been extremely helpful for me because I suffer from migraines and I use this to help keep my senses calm at keep the migraine at bay. I have found so many oils that are great for pain and stress relief. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone that would listen.

    1. Thank you Romanjean for sharing your personal experience with essential oils. I’m glad you’re
      finding relief with the essential oils. I am so thrilled to have this platform to remind us
      that in many cases there is an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that sometimes do more harm
      to our bodies and well being than good.

      FYI Romanjean I suffered with migraines many years until I eventually discovered
      they were being caused mostly by ingredients in certain foods. It was a process but I no longer
      suffer from migraines. I’ll be sure to cover that in a future post

      Blessings and all the best to you,
      Vanna Pearl

  4. Excellent post! This seems to be a very different article. These diffusers can be used only for healing or can be kept generally in home for aroma? Can you suggest which oil is better ?

    1. I appreciate your comments and questions Kavitha. You can be
      sure diffusers are used in various forms just for the fragrance
      from whichever oil is chosen. For instance if you like a lively
      fruity sweet aroma, you might try Sweet Orange essential oil. Or
      Lavender for a more floral fragrance with somewhat of a herbal
      balsamic undertone.
      I’ll post a comprehensive guide for you very shortly. In the meantime
      have a happy day!

      Blessing and all the best,

      Vanna Pearl

    1. Thank you for your response and the humor Jamaar. It started way back in the Bible days before Christ.
      I’m fascinated with how somethings never change generation after generation. I’m glad the essential oils
      have made a giant comeback especially in a country where the FDA seem to have lost direction.

      All the best to you,
      Vanna Pearl

  5. Hi Vanna!

    I’ve been looking to replace the diffuser I have as it is getting pretty old. I noticed the first one you mentioned (URPOWER 1000ml) is the same company as the one I have. It’s just the smaller version. I really liked that one but my only complaint is it’s frankly too small (which is my mistake, not the company’s). It doesn’t last for more than 6 hours I think and it doesn’t have an automatic shutoff. I really like the night light function and I bet this could help with my little girl right now. She’s having sleeping problems.

    You mentioned that this one can cover a large room. I think her room is about 350 sq. ft. Do you think that one would work or should I stick with the smaller version?

    Thanks for sharing this great information!

    1. Good Evening Tina,
      Thank you for your comments and questions. I’m sorry your daughter is having
      sleeping problems. There’s been great research with both lavender and valerian
      essential oil as sleep aides and with very positive results. There are also
      several combinations that are helpful for calming and relaxation and sleeping.

      The URPOWER 1000ml has a large reservoir that affords you a much longer
      run time than you’re getting now. You can run it up to 20 hours continuously
      without refilling depending on whether you use the lite mist or heavier mist
      setting. It does have the feature to shut off automatically if water runs out.

      This unit covers 250 plus square feet. However, when you run it long
      periods of time and add 3-5 drops of oil instead of 1-2 it should still be
      effective in a larger room.
      URPOWER 1000lm is $28.99 on Amazon
      Prome 500ml is $27.99 on Amazon
      Smiley Daisy Hibiscus if $32.99 This brand is rated the best over-all quality.
      This is a sale price for a couple more days, regular price $89.95
      This one is sold by https://store.SmileyDaisy.com?aff=25

      I hope I answered all your questions. But please don’t hesitate to contact me,
      if I can help I surely will.

      Blessings and all the best,

      Vanna Pearl

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these diffusers. I’m amazed that one of them can last for 20 hours but that’s a good thing. You didn’t mention the price range of any of these diffusers and I’d love to know what you think about that. I have some oils that I just use with a burner but do you think that the diffusers work better?

    1. Hi Gail,
      Thank you for your comments and questions.
      I apologize for overlooking the price information.
      Heating the oil is okay in a pinch but the diffusers are far
      better at distributing the oil in a mist form that does wonders
      when inhaled. Also the heat is known to alter the chemical components
      of the essential oils leaving them less effective.

      URPOWER 1000lm is $28.99 on Amazon
      Prome 500ml is $27.99 on Amazon
      Smiley Daisy Hibiscus if $32.99 This brand is rated the best over-all quality.
      This is a sale price for a couple more days, regular price $89.95
      This one is sold by https://store.SmileyDaisy.com?aff=25
      I hope I’ve answered your questions Gail but please don’t hesitate to contact me
      with anything further. I’m happy to help if I can

      Blessings and all the best,
      Vanna Pearl

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